How Many Types Of Computers?

Did you know how many types of computers are they in this world? They are so many, however we just know a few of them that usually always used for our daily life such as personal computer desktop, laptop, tablet computers and netbook. People who live not for computers, I mean his/her jobs is not about computers technique, I believe those types above is famous for them, but I doubt that they know another specific types of computers.

Computer Garden

The outline is grouped to three types that is Operational Principle, Processing Power and Personal Computers.

Operational Principle is divided into three parts: Analog, Digital and Hybrid.

Analog computers can perform several mathematical operations simultaneously; Digital computers are suitable for complex computation and have higher processing speeds; Hybrid computers are a combination of both digital and analog computers.

Processing Power is divided into two parts: Mainframe and Microcomputers.

Mainframe computers have capacities to host multiple operating systems and operate as a number of virtual machines – most of them; Microcomputers is a computer with a microprocessor and its central processing unit.

Personal Computers is divided into nine parts: Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, PDA, Minicomputer, Server, Supercomputer, Wearable Computer and Tablet.

Desktop computers is intended to be used on a single location (such as only in your room);  Laptops is similar with desktop computers but it’s mobile use, you can operating laptops everywhere because it’s easy to carry; Netbooks is similar to laptops but are inexpensive and relatively smaller in size; Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) it has a touch screen and a memory card for storage data and popularly known as a palmtop; Minicomputers are also called mid-range system workstation because lie in between mainframes and microcomputers – in terms of size and processing capacity; Servers is designed to provide services to client machines in a computer network; Supercomputers is great because it’s super and it’s have large transaction processing powers; Wearable computers is useful for human studies such as for health because it’s a great help in tracking human actions; Tablet computers is more easier to carry than laptops also netbooks because it’s handy to use – touch screen technology.

The summary is many types of computers in our life, so what type of computers that you need for helping your life as a human?

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Image: Computer screen garden (2)

References: Different types of computers

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